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The resort properties are not completely developed yet. We invite investors to develop these resort properties.


Our mission is to develop these properties into Resorts, Hotels, Chalets, Water sports entertainments, plus more…


We invite you to click and read all of the information contained in each page; See all the photos and videos.


Should you have any questions or need additional information, please see the Contact Us page.


We are not affiliated with any Nationality, political party, religion or local tribe.


Because the enterprise is private, development, financial and logistic agreements are cordial and personally conducted with mutual respect and satisfaction.


Proper land and property documentations have been thoroughly researched and registered in computer data as privately owned properties with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Lands and approved by the Ministry of Tourism. Documents are available upon request.


We welcome very serious but open-minded and adventurous intrapreneurs and investors. Investors must be very genuine and will commit for “in it for the long haul”.


Yes, we are also open to limited partnerships



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