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The park have at least nine species of primates including Western Chimpanzee, Red Colobus, Bushbaby, Diana Monkey, Black and White King Colobus, Sooty Mangabey, and Olive Baboons.

Lions, leopards, hyenas, Servals, panther genets, African wild dogs, African civets, and five species of mongoose are among park’s predator population.

A small population of forest elephant and other large mammals include leopard, water chevrotain, Maxwell’s duiker, and forest buffalo.

Eight species of duiker, the bongo, water chevrotain and bushbuck are a few of the hoofed mammals found in and near the park’s forestsHelvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

The Wild Life Park Excursion

Take a canoe trip or the best option is to go on a guided foot day tour. The Wildlife Conservation Staff remely well-informed and friendly and will help you unveil the true beauty of this region. At the Camp there small primitive huts with mosquito nets inside. For those hard-core backpackers; there is no running water or inside toilets. Security there at night is absolutely not available. You may camp there or return to the nearest village or back to Kamakwie.


The favorite tourist activity in Outamba-Kilimi National Park is Bird Watching. There are over 200 species spotted including other wildlife species in their entire natural splendor. Grab binocular, good photography equipment and snatch glimpses of the endangered Pigmy Hippopotamus, Savanna Buffalo, Leopard and an entire army of other naturally thoroughbred creatures.

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