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Discover our village life and the beats of the jungle thunder drums. Take a motorcycle or a jeep-guided tour from the White House Hotel to explore the secrets of the innermost jungle forest and experience firsthand adventure that will take you to some of the world’s most amazing African communities.

You will travel through villages, will see all kinds of colorful birds, small animals and even a family of monkeys sitting right in the middle of the road. You get to see a lot of forest, village life and culture. Villagers will be standing outside their huts waving and welcoming you as you drive by. You may even want to stop-by, shake hands, get some fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will arrive at the Kamakwie White House Hotel, where you will be warmly welcomed by the Chief of the Town, eat a feast of a meal and then bedded down for the night. Or if you still have an ounce of energy left, you might want to venture to town to the local Club, the “Galaxy” to replenish your “fluids” and enjoy some music and entertainment.

The Wild Life Park is only another 30 miles away. Vehicles must cross the Little Scarecies River by ferry. Or take a riverboat ride up the river where the REAL excursion begins.

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