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What's happening in KAMAKWIE

Our major hospital now in controlled by the Kamakwie Local Management Committee, providing hands-on practical and didactic training to our local medical students in Sierra Leone, as well as USA, UK, Australia, and West African medical student and also a center for Training for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene!

And guess what? Kamakwie has its very own FM RADIO STATION! Broadcasting local village news, events, announcements and cultural programs. Yes, the world will now hear Kamakwie, Sella Limba Chiefdom LOUD AND CLEAR, whether they like it or not!

Local NGO’s Charity organizations, private volunteering groups popping everywhere contributing immensely to the development and progress of our community; and yes, our PEACE CORPS Volunteers are finaly. WELCOME, WELCOME! Tenki Tenki..

There are still Diamond and Gold Development activities actively going on.

Comfortable and convenient Bed and Breakfast accommodations for the tourist travelers.

Yes, we now can use cell phones ..and with internet services!

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