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The Galaxy Club is located in the center of the village and is sponsored by the White House Hotel. The Club is available and is occasionally booked for special exclusive events. It is a MUST stop by , for every guest visitors, wild life excursions in the Kamakwie area / Outamba Kilimi National Park. 

The Galaxy frequenters often run into old friends here at Kamakwie. During the day, this popular club destination offers an international and JC’s-friendly atmosphere, with plenty to keep them entertained.


If you’re really lucky at night, you might even be called to perform in the talent shows.


Guests enjoy GALAXY’s friendly, international mix of locals, seasonal residents, regular visitors, Safari and mining adventurers, tourists, biz entrepreneurs and JC’s.



For those who know the Freetown Club scene, from the laid back, margarita bars, to the rowdy nightclubs packed with bronze, gyrating young bodies, there are no shortage of “best” attractions to spend those precious evenings.


With all the frothy golden, pink and blue drinks on your “action” list, it would be easy to miss your vacation’s main attraction in the provinces:

The Galaxy’s menu includes local and international dishes including excellent fresh fish, chicken and vegetarian choices.” The grill serves up hamburgers, shish kabobs, and all the limited local African favorites’ dishes.

From the drink menu, try a The Galaxy Delight, mango base with rum and fruit punches, and feel free to mingle.

Live entertainment is offered  weekends and in the summer, and partying and dancing ALL NIGHT.

The Galaxy features outdoor, garden dining, indoor seating and patio dining. The cookery’s laid-back atmosphere fills up in the evenings, and the bar is hopping day and night.

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