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HAPPENINGS at the White House CABANA

– Large themed on Safari atmosphere

– Great social events

– Comfortable seating to relax and chat

– Patronized by residential guests and members of Kamakwie community

– Morning café breakfast and à la carte lunch

– Wine and other drinks

– Complete comfort and relaxation

– 24 hour menu (limited after hours)
– Bar is open ALL NIGHT

This Guesthouse is in a village!! It looks like the White House in the US... hence the village community refers to it as the "White House Hotel"


It is located in a very large jungle-like park with lots of fruit trees at the back of the house, with plenty of space to explore.


The Guesthouse was designed and built by our local school students and our local village members...using local tools and supplies. No need for a tractor, a lift or a power tool...just bare hands and local ingenuity.

The guesthouse services are provided by our local village members and the fees goes to assist them and their families. The is not a For-Profit Business!!

So our beautiful guests, ......

Please DON'T EXPECT OR TRY TO COMPARE our accommodations and services to those of the BIG City extravagant Hotels.

This traditional country-style Guest accommodation with a unique village theme is full of character and charm... must be visit to be appreciated.

Serenity, simplicity and superb personal services are hallmarks of our village guesthouse guests' services.

OUR Guesthouse GUESTS, we will pledge to offer you  superior customer care in its naturel village habitat setting, in the shadows of Outamba and the Kilimi Wild Life Reserves.


We promise to offer you a great weekend, short or long break holiday breaks, so CONTACT US today.


– Professionally Trained guards
– Around the clock security


The first floor has 2 large master bedrooms with self-contained bathand toilets and 4 individual large bedrooms with shared contained bath and toilet rooms.

Even though the Second floor is currently under renovations, some guests have preferred to happily  occupy these 6 large master bedrooms.


Electricity is supplied by our generators. Very soon..  6- 8 months, we will receive 24-hour electricty from the West African ECOWAS-UN Energy Project.

Currently, we have Fans in each room and air condition units will be in within 4 months!

– 24 hour room and laundry service

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