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Sierra Leone at a glance. Kamakwie / Northern Province / South Guinea / Little Scarcies River


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Venture into the heart of African Culture with a local's guided tour through Sierra Leone's villages of the Northern Province, Kamakwie, Kamakwie Wildlife Reserve, and the history of Sierra Leone's famous Freetown and Kamakwie village. Spend the day embracing the beauty of Sierra Leone's local culture, markets, villages, street life and nightlife on a guided tour weaving throughout the bustling villages of the local area. 

Learn about Kamakwie's rich history as you get hands on experience listening to the music, creating and enjoying the crafts and textile arts. Learn new ways to say hello and taste the authentic flavors from the vendors and chefs that make life special in Kamakwie and Sierra Leone.

  • Tour Info: Guided (local tour guide - English speaking)

  • Duration: Most tours depart at sunrise and arrive back at the White House Hotel location just before sunset.

  • Items Required: light walking shoes, cloth covering (sun protection), water (bottle or canteen), sunglasses (optional)

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