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What's at Kamakwie Wildlife?

Excel at Kamakwie


Thrive at Kamakwie Wildlife is our team member incentive. It supports the well-being and performance of our Team Members with recognition and support to meet your professional needs. 

Family Matters


Together we make things better. Our family is our team. Our approach to recognition is grounded in celebrating awesome work and people with extraordinary awards, modern tools, and meaningful moments. Kamamkwie Wildlife hosts a variety of incentives designed to thank and reward our team members.

Our Culture


At Kamakwie Wildlife Resorts & Tourism, we are committed to building a better future for our community and the world around us. Our bed and breakfast is locally operated by Kamakwie natives who are dedicated to welcoming guests to our beautiful village. Whether you're here for leisure or business, we're delighted to extend our warmest hospitality to you. Join our team of locals as we work together to showcase the best of Sierra Leone and promote sustainable tourism practices. Come live, love and learn with us at Kamakwie Wildlife Resorts & Tourism.

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