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Clouds and Sunset

Diamond / Gold Mining Tours

Dig with real miners. Trek with the Locals. Discover the rarest of gems in Sierra Leone.

Lights by Light Tour

Diamond / Gold / Mineral Mining

We specialize in providing safari and tour services that showcase the natural beauty of Sierra Leone to the adventurous traveler. Our exclusive mining expeditions take you to the most sought-after spots in the northern province, allowing you to discover rare gems unique to the region. For those who prefer the great outdoors, we offer trekking experiences that'll take you through the hills and mountains, giving you a chance to appreciate the unbridled majesty of nature. At Kamakwie Wildlife Resorts & Tourism, we are dedicated to giving you a memorable and thrilling experience.

Experience the beauty and wonder of Africa with Kamakwie Wildlife Resorts & Tourism. Our private safari tours provide exciting and educational opportunities for adventure seekers. Our tours include the opportunity to search for gold, gems, and precious minerals during the day and trek through the beautiful African countryside by torchlight. Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about sharing their expertise, giving our guests an unparalleled experience. Book your next adventure with us, and discover the magic of Africa!

  • Tour Info: Guided (local tour guide - English speaking)

  • Duration: Most tours depart at sunrise and arrive back at the White House Hotel location just before sunset.

  • Items Required: light walking shoes, cloth covering (sun protection), water (bottle or canteen), sunglasses (optional)

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